Discover your post baby style

By: Jennifer Saul


Like many new moms, I found myself frustrated with my post-baby body. Not because I was upset with myself for having a few extra pounds – that is to be expected. I was frustrated because I was now living in a body that I didn’t recognize. This is not a ‘new mommy’ specific problem. This is a problem that a lot of women come to face at different points in their lives. I would go into my closet and be presented with rows of clothes that no longer worked for my shape. I had to completely re-learn how to dress myself.

When I first set out to shop for new pieces, I was drawn to black, gray, and shapeless items. I would go home, put them on, and feel, well, not like myself. These clothes said to the world, “Don’t look at me” rather than “I am fun and happy!” And worse yet, these new clothes weren’t doing anything good for my attitude toward my new body.

Why don’t we allow ourselves to embrace new styles with our new body shape? We don’t don’t want to accept where we are and we decide to simply “make it work.” I hear clients say all the time that they want to wait to shop for new clothes once they have lost weight. And while for some the frustration that comes along with getting dressed every morning in clothes that aren’t doing anything for you can be a great motivator, the truth is, for most people it is very discouraging. It can stall your ultimate goal of a body transformation and accepting who you are today, where you are right now.

I decided to snap out of my style rut go all out! Normally I choose pieces that I will be able to wear for multiple seasons and even years. But this time, I embraced seasonal trends, knowing that I may not wear them for long. I also wanted to limit my budget so I wasn’t spending a lot on clothing that may not fit me in a month or two.

For my first day back to work, I went BOLD! I rocked the floral and stripe trend that I have always admired but have previously steered away from. I am so happy I decided to try this trend, it made me feel fun and Spring-like all day long!

Sassy Jen wordpress baby bodySassy Jen baby body with jacket

Sassy jen detail pic

// TOP JC Penney // SKIRT Target // HEELS Target // NECKLACE Loft // BRACELET Love Love Darling // BELT Target // JACKET Old Navy // SUNGLASSES Michael Kors //

Why it works for my body?

-The peplum top hits me lower on the waist and hides any remaining belly fat that I am carrying. Also, the floral print is drawing the eye inward creating the illusion of a slimmer upper body.

-My pencil skirt is a great staple for the black and white trend that is hot this Spring. It hits me right at the knee and has enough stretch to be comfortable and flattering.

The accessories made enough of a statement without being too busy. The outfit has enough going on that it didn’t need to be over complicated by big bright accessories.

How I feel now

It is easy to fixate on the things that are less than perfect about ourselves. And the thoughts run through my head even as I look at my own pictures. But the bottom line is, nothing can compete with the feeling of confidence that I had all day at work. And that feeling is priceless.


Author: seattlestylist

Tannya is best known for her style expertise and personal shopping skills. She can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. Clients appreciate her ability to understand and interpret their creative vision yet stay true to her personal aesthetic.

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