5 Signs You Need a Break From The City

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“It’s a quiet village. Everyday like the one before. Little town full of little people” -Belle from Beauty and The Beast of course!


Boots by Timberland // Jeans by Mavi from Divalani Style // Wallet by Marc Jacobs // Sunglasses by Ann Taylor Loft 

There’s a beauty to having your own business, you can schedule all the hours you want or all the downtime you desire. This time around I went three weeks without a day off, totally my choice. Not a day to run errands, to do laundry, or to grocery shop. In the midst of it, I was on a high to perform and continue making big leaps towards each project. After week two, I was starting to feel it, I needed one day, but not a normal day to catch up on personal stuff, I needed 24 hours to runaway.

The city is the jungle for my mind; nature is the medicine for my soul. I’m truly grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest where I have access to the water, the forest, the parks, the snowy mountains, and the vibrant city. I kept going back and forth whether or not to leave then finally just called my grandma to watch my dogs, packed a bag and left.

La Push was a beautiful beachside I’d only heard of before, I needed water, and a quiet place where the waves crash against the rocks to soothe me, where the vast sea mystifies me, and the energy quiets me. I’m like a child when I see the ocean, my instinct is to just run towards it, then follow it along the seaside, I feel free.

Once I’ve touched the water and felt the wind follow me across my run, I’m ready to find a spot to sit in amazement of what’s in front of me. La Push was absolutely gorgeous and the hike down was a little less than a mile, it was exactly what I needed.

What triggered my 24 hour run away from the city? I needed to be with myself, to hear my thoughts, to make decisions, and quiet my mind. Below are five signs you need to go far, far away.

  1. In Need for Some Fresh Ideas

You’ve been stuck on a project and you can’t quite seem to get the creative solution you need and the deadline is coming up soon. Maybe you’ve just been procrastinating and putting that one thing on your to-do list back to the bottom everyday. There’s something about getting out of your normal routine that can get your mind flowing differently to provide you with new insight. Get out of your home, get out of your office, and go to a park far, far away. Go for a drive, and take a breather, once your mind is off the project, you’ll be flooded with new concepts. Get ready with a paper and pen, you’re going to want to write it all down.


  1. Clear your mind

Been thinking of work too much? It happens, especially as an entrepreneur or a super driven person I find this to be a huge problem. It’s like free time is just more time to concentrate on those side projects and your reality turns into a day-in-and-day-out of constant worry that those small tasks won’t get done. When you’re feeling like every minute of your time is being consumed with back-to-back meetings and dinner dates or social gatherings, get away. Get away for a bit and you’ll find the peaceful feeling of letting go and letting the universe work out the little things on it’s own. Clearing your mind won’t result in losing your ideas, it will bring light to new ones.


  1. Still Dealing with the past

I can’t tell you how often I cover up my hurt and scars because I’m ready to get to the next chapter in my life without completely resolving or putting to rest a hurtful memory from the past. It’s funny how long you can tuck it away until you start to notice certain triggers that ignite the pain and result in unexpected flair ups. When you notice the small breakdowns, short temper filled with anger, and the overwhelming sense of sadness, it’s a sign that you need alone time away from it all. Although there is a certain comfort to turning to your best friend, it can often be better to go out on your own without the opinions of others affecting your healing process.


  1. Haven’t made time for self-care

If you’ve tried to get on that diet, start that workout, begin reading a helpful book and just haven’t been able to get to it, you might need some time for silence. When we need to make a dramatic change, leaving our normal environment can help refresh our soul and remind us of the self care we need. Nature heals like no other, breathing the fresh air, seeing the joy of the beauty all around you create a sense of hope and can help push you to be one with yourself and do good.


  1. Decision Making

Take away the noise, the chatter, the distractions and you’ll find you can hear your thoughts, your heart, and your intuition much more clearly. There are moments in our life where we have to make big decisions that can drastically change our future and our present. Simply sitting down to make a list of the positives and negatives isn’t always enough because it’s a battle of the heart and mind. Some decisions need to be weighed more with one or the other and in order to make the best one for you, is to take it slowly and leave. The perfect answer might not come quickly but being alone and being in nature will get you closer to the best decision.

FullSizeRender (2)

Look at this log? I think an insect made these, at first I thought they were carved by someone but it’s covered in these designs.

FullSizeRender (5)

The beautiful view from Beach 2 at La Push.

IMG_1752 (1)

Ferry ride! It was freezing but I didn’t mind.


The only diner I found near my hotel, was hungry and ready to eat.


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Tannya is best known for her style expertise and personal shopping skills. She can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. Clients appreciate her ability to understand and interpret their creative vision yet stay true to her personal aesthetic.

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