Rocked! A Couture Bridal Event by Seattle Met Bride and Groom


Yes, I’m single but I can still dream of my future wedding. I love sharing the vendors with you that catch my attention and bring a little something different to your festivities. Every wedding show I attend, I’m taken aback by the creativity that the artists in the industry dream up. Seattle Met Bride and Groom always hosts a great party and this one was at Canvas Event Space showcased the vendors in a way that made it flow nicely and wasn’t overwhelming. Definitely not like a regular wedding show in a giant room with way too many vendors to get through.

IMG_3718 (1)



This photo booth built in a fun vintage ’74 VW bus was an extremely memorable experience for my intern Wendy and I. We had lots of fun playing with the props which included big bright glasses, inflatable animals, flower crowns, and more! I couldn’t think of a better way to let your guests capture their own moments and have fun. The bus also makes for a great decor element to a retro inspired wedding theme or even a party for that matter.

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Why are treats always round? Cookies, pies, cakes, most all of it! Kevin, the Owner, decorator, and baker wanted to change this and asked, why not make them square? His art started at age 7, by the influence of his grandmother and when it came time to decide what to study in college, he decided to go to Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. After working years for others he decided to open up and work on his square dessert dream a little over a year ago.  His partner and fellow baker Eric was inspired by his Mexican heritage and fell in love with the bakeries from back home, now he has his own panaderia here in the states. Gotta check out his site above!

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BAG Hummingbird & Holly // CHOCOLATE BOX Frans Chocolates // PHOTOS Shutter Bus Co. // FREE CLASS Barre3 // COOKIE Mike’s Amazing Cakes // DIE CUT SEED PAPER FAVORS Of The Earth // SNACKING CHOCOLATES Bark Thins // SUCCULENT Fleurt // MAGAZINE Seattle Met Bride & Groom // NOTEPAD Marci Jewelry // CHAMPAGNE GUMMY BEARS Grand Event Rentals

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The appetizers were not only beautifully presented, they were absolutely delicious! Above is a marinated mozzarella ball with a cube of polenta and rosemary keeping it together. I won’t lie, I went back for seconds, maybe even thirds. Easy to carry, easy, to eat, and picture perfect.

IMG_3661 (1)


Non-traditional yet absolutely glamorous in the most natural way, Fleurt Weddings was in the center of the room and a great display of their work. They let us sit on the floor, take photos and get up close to the table display. Each item and plant was carefully chosen to create this cohesive natural look.

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Ice Cream Rolls!!! No joke, rolled ice cream and you know I can never say no to ice cream. As I videotaped one of the owners make the rolls, I asked how it all started and he said he dreamt it up and got his two buddies to come along on his journey. It was so delicious, we stayed awhile to chat with them and think need to try them too! We had an oreo, red velvet cake and a pina colada roll. Everything is mixed right there in front of you.


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