Thinking about whitening? My Smile Brilliant review

^ The Impressions I made at home, getting ready to send them over to get my trays to start whitening
^ Wow, those area really close up before and afters, this one is only two weeks of whitening. Going to keep at it!
I’ve had this on my mind for quick awhile because I have pictures frequently taken and just started filming videos more often, I just wasn’t quite sure whether to go for the dentist whitening option or doing it on my own.
My teeth are a little sensitive which is why I decided to look at options to whiten my teeth on my own time. I couldn’t imagine being at the dentist office in pain and knew there were many companies offering at home whitening that is affordable and safe.
When I came across Smile Brilliant, what caught my attention most was the name, it came off to me as a company that was positive, happy, and on track with what my teeth whitening experience should be like. After doing a little research I found that this was the route I wanted to take and there were so many good reviews.
Sign Up: After registering I received a package with everything I needed to get started including the molds for impressions, whitening gels, desensitizing gels, instructions and everything neatly packed.
Impressions: A white and blue play dough-like pieces come in separate containers that you mold together then place into the trays to create your own impressions. After you are done following the directions to do the top and bottom impressions, they are mailed back to Smile Brilliant and within a few days you receive your custom whitening trays in the mail.
Start Whitening: You can whiten your teeth 45 minutes – 3 hours at a time and take breaks between days by measuring the sensitivity of your teeth. For the most part, I did 45 minutes but towards the end, I was at home more evenings and did a few 3 hour sessions. The beauty of the whitening treatment is that after doing your whitening session you finish off with rinsing out your custom tray and putting in the desensitizing gel to help your teeth recover and ready for more rounds of white.
2 Weeks Later: The results were brilliant and I’m so happy that I was able to find a solution to taking care of my teeth whitening. It’s allowed me to do it while I work from home, travel to my clients place, and schedule it at my own time.
It’s your turn to try it out! 
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^Smilie fearlessly, let those teeth show



Home Teeth Whitening


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