Work Smarter NOT Harder

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The more busy work you do, the less time you have to put energy into what you truly love. Here are tips I use in my own business to create more focus and flow to achieve daily, weekly, and seasonal goals with my team.


Make sure you are saying yes to the right projects. If your mission, your values, your company goals aren’t clear, then take the time to sit down and write it out. You’ll find that maybe you were just giving too much of your effort into busy work that didn’t bring you results or joy that you want from your business. With every project you do, keep in mind your goals. Make sure it is adding value, whether that is monetary or otherwise.  

When I started my business I was saying yes to everything from styling models portfolios, to working with clothing brands that I didn’t really care for or fit my client’s profile. I thought that just saying yes would bring me more clients and experience, which it did but not the kind I was looking for. Going through those experiences helped me really focus on who I wanted to work with and why.


There are many good reasons to outsource! This is probably my favorite way of working smarter because I am just one woman, and my mind runs off of  so many ideas. I know I’m the creative mind behind the brand and the visionary of the brand but I need help executing all the cool stuff I have. I’m not a video editor, photographer, social media savvy person, or a tax consultant. I mean I could do those things because I have taught myself a little about each, but it would take time away from creating full rounded, complete projects. It would also take 5 to 10 times longer to do on my own and it wouldn’t be my best work. In order to make anything happen in a bigger way, you need a team.

I’ve had Jen with me 6 years now and she has helped me create the to do list of my ideas, she is my voice of reason asking me those uncomfortable questions about budget, timeline, and everything else needed to make it happen. I love her for that because it has me do my homework and keeps me grounded again, with the vision to stay focused. Having a team means having people you have to show up for, get things done with, and truly, they keep accountable.

There are times I’ve done it alone, which is necessary when you’re on a budget, but having that team there will speed up your projects and vision. Find out how you can invest in creating results. This doesn’t mean you have to have them as employees. But having your go to experts to do specialized tasks is a must. The work will be done quicker and done right, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best!


Stuck without something to share on Instagram? Don’t know what your next blog post should be about? My solution, take a notebook with you everywhere. I have a tiny one that fits in my bag and I use it all the time. Something you may not know about me is I actually love writing, I have a ton of journals and somehow still manage to take notes on napkins,business cards and random pieces of paper.  I get excited to share an idea with Jen and then have to dump my bag and search for where I wrote it, which is why that tiny bag size notepad has been so useful. But seriously, ideas are never ending and if I do get stuck, I just find one of my notes!

The reason this is so important is sometimes you might have a really good thought but it will quickly pass. I write down words, sentences, or paragraphs and later when I need inspiration, I go back to see what resonates with me today. How can I expand on that word or idea?

Journaling the best way to express yourself without judgement. Free flow writing is the most helpful and you can never have the excuse of not having anything to share.


There are some great topics you’ve covered in your past blogs, videos, or Instagram posts.. Don’t feel like you constantly need to create more content, use what you’ve got and find ways to promote the heck out of it. It will seem redundant but I promise that even your neighbors might not know what you’re doing yet – so blast it out!

I can do a whole other discussion about this topic  but a few ways are to use different photos from your blog to repromote the content, use Instagram or Facebook advertising, send a press release about a video or blog post you wrote about to get it on local television or a magazine. The ideas are endless!

Pick 2 of your most watched, most commented on, most popular posts and find ways to reuse that content again.

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I know I do my best to avoid the big stuff, I like to look at my long to do list and start checking items off but sometimes that big stuff is more important.  Creating a process will make it easier to train your team, to teach others in your profession about what you do, and will save you time in everything.

Since January, Jen and I have been working on creating a process for as much as possible, and yes it feels like another job at first but in the end, it’s saving us so much time to work on other things.  With our clients we have to send a lot of emails, and many are super similar to each other so we started using ZOHO to create automated workflows. Each kind of client has a set of emails that are set on specific days, times, and it’s all automatic! All we had to do was set it up and after we are done with a client, we check off a box and out it goes. We have a follow up email, the membership email, the how to use our app email, the add onto your services email. Oh my goodness, I don’t know how we did it before all one by one.

How can you create a workflow for in your business right now? Are there any shortcuts you can take, any programs you can use to save you time and would be worth it?

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Choose one of the tips above, break it down and make it happen. I want you to share what you’re going to put into practice today. Pick one of the tips above, break it down and start seeing results.

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As always we are here to help you look amazing, feel confident, and achieve more. If you need help aligning your image with who you are, where you want to go schedule a date with us!


Author: seattlestylist

Tannya is best known for her style expertise and personal shopping skills. She can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. Clients appreciate her ability to understand and interpret their creative vision yet stay true to her personal aesthetic.

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