5 Ways to Look Put Together

The number one reason a client works with us is they simply want to look put together. There are simple ways that go beyond clothing that make it easy to achieve an effortless look.

No matter if you’re a follower of the top trends from the runway or have a classic style, everyone can find their own way to look put together. Here are 5 simple ways to quickly leave the house with a stylish element.


Plan Your Looks Ahead of Time

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.04.37 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.03.26 PM

Like anything else in your life, when you’re prepared, you are more likely to be successful. This might mean laying out your outfit the night before so you don’t have to take all that time to figure it out in morning. It could be, taking selfies in all your favorites outfits and saving them on a folder in your phone.

You could also work with us, and we actually create a digital lookbook using our interactive app that takes the guesswork out of getting ready. Plus, you get multiple outfits from your favorite pieces. In the end you’ve got 30+ looks head to toe looks that are stylist approved!

Colorful Handbag

clare v midi sac
Clare V. // Midi Sac

Even the most flattering clothing needs to be accessorized. If the idea of switching bags seems like too much work, get a really great spring/summer option and a beautiful fall/winter bag so you only switch it twice a year. If you want to play with color and print, you can make even the most basic tee look fabulous. 

Remember, if your clothing style is more classic, go for a structured satchel. If your style is more boho chic, you can try a suede hobo bag with tassels. This bag by Clare V is a structured bag with a floral print and suede stripes. Seriously, the perfect fun daytime or a statement evening option too. Just depends on how you style it.

Special Jewelry

Whether you like simple studs or a statement necklace, the jewelry you choose can elevate your look making even the most basic pieces come to life. It can be difficult to determine exactly what jewelry pieces to wear, so play around with different selections and take notes on what you like for future occasions. 

Etsy can be a great place to find jewelry because everything is handmade and super special. If you even have something in mind, you can collaborate with the designers to get your idea made. Designer KDeeDesigns is known for creating unique jewelry with lots of colorful stones.

kd design metal earrings
KDeeDesigns1 // Mixed Metal Earrings



The Right Shoes

vince camuto elison shoe
Vince Camuto // Elison Sandal


There is a misconception that comfort and style cannot coexist, especially when it comes to footwear. However, in the past few years, the comfort shoe sector has made leaps and bounds when it comes to style. And with online shops making a wide variety of styles more accessible than ever, there is no reason for your shoes not to be as impressive as the rest of your outfit. Invest in shoes that go with many outfits but still speak to your personal style. Look for something in a neutral like black, tan, or even a metallic but with interesting details. Reserve a little bit of room in your closet and  budget for a pair of fun shoes that are made to stand out!



Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.33.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.32.43 PM

There have been many crazy mornings that I am limited on time and I end up having to skip hair and makeup. Which is why, I’ve perfected my 5 minute face and no fuss hair do. The secret to pretty much no makeup? Lash extensions. Let me say, I felt like I woke up from surgery when I looked at myself in the mirror. It was a 1 Hour 45 minute process and it has been sooooo worth it. I got my lashes done for the first time at Amazing Lash Studio in South Lake Union! Game changer! 


Depending on your preference, you can choose to do a more natural understated look or something more dramatic and voluminous. I of course did the full on dramatic long lashes.


more details

Try one or all of these steps to help you look more put together. To shop the items featured in this blog, plus see more suggestions, check out the catalog here. Let us know what worked well for you.

We are here to help you look your best, feel confident, and achieve more in your life. 



Author: seattlestylist

Tannya is best known for her style expertise and personal shopping skills. She can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. Clients appreciate her ability to understand and interpret their creative vision yet stay true to her personal aesthetic.

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