Breaking The Silence


Getting our first look into the Fierce Collection dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness with the CEO + Founder Tarul Kode Tripathi of Sanaya Set

During this month, I see other women sharing, opening up, and talking about their experiences and I relive my nightmare over again. That trauma will be there for a long time and I still live in fear today.  Domestic violence can affect anyone. When I opened up about my experience to the powerful, successful women around me, they admitted their own struggles with current or past violent relationships. I was in awe and disbelief because they portrayed perfection to the world through their social media posts and relationship photos.

According to The Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of all men and women in the United States will experience psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime. Violence doesn’t always show up in physical scars, the hidden effects stay with you years later. I’m afraid of seeing a man upset because of their strength to hold you down, I get uncomfortable sometimes talking to men because for so long I was told from my past partners it was not ok, when I leave my car at night I still feel someone is following me. These are only a few of the struggles I deal with on a daily basis.

It breaks my heart to hear stories from people I love, from strangers I meet, and from women currently in the grasp of the nightmare that feels neverending. It’s like a drug.  You’re addicted and the awful back and forth of love and hurt become all you know. Even after you find the courage to leave, your ex boyfriend, lover, husband finds how to continue to have some sort of partial hold on you with empty promises, threats, or financial support. You are hooked back into hell and it starts all over again.

Social media has given abusers another form of having power and control. It’s easier for them to sneak in, to accuse you, to find a reason to belittle you. The process of recovery takes patience and love from those around you and even more so, from yourself. The biggest misconception is that intelligent, smart women would never be in that position. Saying this to someone in the midst of abuse is the most ignorant thing you can say because it’s 100% not true. The control that abusers have is complex and it takes many steps forward and back to find a way out. Every minute, 24 people are surviving rape, physical violence or stalking. That’s a total of 6 million men and women that reported being stalked last year, imagine the numbers of those that didn’t have a chance to report it or feel comfortable enough to speak up ( National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey). 


If you are reading this and struggling with a toxic relationship, I urge you to #breakthesilence and find someone to open up to. My heart goes out to you and I truly believe that you are worthy of speaking up, voicing your opinion, and being treated with complete respect. Love yourself so much that you would never allow anyone to harm you anymore.

You don’t need to tell the world about what happened, you don’t need to be public. But don’t let anyone feel they have the power to destroy your soul, don’t let anyone make you feel you’ll never be loved again or you aren’t worthy. You my friend, have a beautiful life ahead of you.

When we stay silent about what happened, we live in shame. When we talk about it, we create conversation to help others get out, make new decisions, and to live with freedom.



From October 25th – 28th, 15% of your purchase from any of my styling services including the Closet Cleanse, Personal Shopping, and Outfit Creations will be donated to Break The Silence. I’m so passionate about this organization because they help women in the recovery process to change their life after leaving the abusive relationship. They support survivors, victims, and families. If you want to make your purchase today just mention ‘Break the Silence’ in an email.

Find out more about my styling at

For fall Quarter the Sanaya Set is dedicated to creating awareness of Domestic Violence with their ‘Fierce’ set. Everything in the box is purple and specially curated with pieces that promote self-empowerment. 10% of the sales will go to API Chaya. They help support survivors of domestic violence, women trafficking, and sexual assault.

Shop the full box or each piece separately at


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Tannya is best known for her style expertise and personal shopping skills. She can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. Clients appreciate her ability to understand and interpret their creative vision yet stay true to her personal aesthetic.

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