Products that Give Back this Month

When there is a cause you want to support or feel strongly about, there are many ways you can voice your opinion and help make an impact. Domestic Violence Awareness is important to me because it’s a topic we don’t often talk about due to the shame around it. There are many men and women you might think are in a good place but you really don’t know what happens behind closed doors. It’s important to be kind and not judge victims, survivors and everyone you meet, you never know what pains they are internalizing.

A few ways to show your support to any cause you want to help:

  1. Donate money directly to a cause
  2. Volunteer your time to help others
  3. Attend a gala or event raising money for that cause
  4. Sharing on social media the events, products, and information that help support that cause
  5. Shopping for products and with companies that give back

For the month of October, there are many amazing brands making a difference by featuring key products or services that give back to non-profits that help victims and survivors of Domestic Violence. I chose these items below because I truly think they are business leaders doing their part to create a space that impacts many people lives.  

If you have a friend’s birthday coming up or celebrate the holidays, you can start buying your gifts now and save them for later or gift them to yourself. The message behind each product makes it much more special.


Frans Chocolates 10 piece box set $20


This family owned business started back in 1982 by Fran Bigelow who was obsessed over creating everything to perfection with exquisite pure ingredients. One trip to Paris inspired her to form truffles with textures and flavors and open her first location. Celebrating and boxing an experience that is memorable is seen in the packaging of every box, the chocolates displayed perfectly and the feeling you get from the first bite.



Frans Chocolates have created a special 10 piece box set called the ‘Joyful Heart Box’ includes an assortment of two Gray Salt Caramels in dark chocolate, two Smoked Salt Caramels in milk chocolate, one Oolong Tea Truffle, one Orange Truffle, one Raspberry Truffle and one 64% Dark Chocolate Heart. You’ll absolutely love the award winning caramels and truffles, the packaging makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.

25% of the net proceeds to each box will go back to the Joyful Heart Foundation created by the actress of Law & Order Mariska Hargitay to heal, educate, and empower survivors to live a better life. Click here to learn more



Sanaya Set $120 for a box // $99 for a Quarterly Subscription


The Sanaya Set is a local company with curated pieces that support social justice and empowerment. Everything they sell has a story or a message the moves you to want to share it with everyone! You can shop for the products individually from their online store or receive a quarterly box for $99 with subscription or $120 for a one time box. It includes the best of their seasonal products which include is a surprise every season with everything from books, to beauty must haves, colorful accessories, and more.



The FIERCE box was created around the color purple and products that create awareness of domestic violence. You’ll find a vegan suede clutch by Sandra Smith, a ‘Spark Change’ beanie by Esjay Creations, Claws Out Intersectional Nail Polish, ‘Fierce’ necklace by Activated NYC, Mullein & Sparrow lavender blossom body oil, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Cultura Craft Chocolate, and Buttermilk Co Basmati Rice.


This month 10% of the net proceeds to their FIERCE box will go back to API Chaya, a Seattle based organization that  supports people who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, forced marriage, and human trafficking. Click here to learn more


Tannya Bernadette Personal Styling starts at $130


I’m a local stylist, a speaker, and a blogger with a mission to help everyone look amazing, feel confident, and achieve more. My life has been revolved around helping people feel good about themselves because I believe in the power of change, visions, and possibilities. I started my styling business in 2009, upstairs from a fancy salon, with no furniture or plan, just the motivation to create a shopping service that would change peoples lives.


I provide styling services to help you organize, shop, and create outfits for your everyday life. If you find that you don’t know what to buy or feel like you have nothing to wear, I will help you create a plan to get your look together with an initial consultation or a closet cleanse.
This month 15% of all styling sales from October 25th – October 28th will go to Break The Silence, an organization that helps survivors of domestic violence find the help they need to start their life again. Click here to learn more



Freedom Naturals Calming Cleanser + Moisturizer $40


Gloria J Vanderlan created Derma care after a procedure when she couldn’t find the right products to relieve her skin. 25 years later she created Freedom Products to honor her dedication to break boundaries and empower others. Each product is free from parabens, animal cruelty, steroids, or added fragrances yet they all ACTUALLY works, and every purchase goes back to an organization.



Freedom Naturals ‘Calming Cleanser + Calming Moisturizer are designed to soothe redness with medical strength botanicals and Organic Aloe Vera. Both products help leave your face feeling smooth and clean.

20% of the purchase will go to Move to end Domestic Violence. What I love about this brand is they create products that give you the freedom to feel confident in your skin, freedom from harmful ingredients, and freedom for your fellow woman. 



Anderson Lilley Manhattan Beach Candle $36


Anderson Milley is a home store that believes that you can light up the candle and light up the world. They carry all your home essentials including home fragrances, bath and body sets, and more.



All their products give back! They choose a non-profit every month but I thought I’d share the candles with you because these make perfect gifts and it aligns with their vision. They are also known for their fragrances and this one is as chic as the city where it was designed, Manhattan Beach.

Every year they have a nonprofit they donate 10% of their proceeds to and this year it goes back to Joyful Heart Foundation. Click here to learn more


Author: seattlestylist

Tannya is best known for her style expertise and personal shopping skills. She can easily combine textures, styles, and trends to produce an effortlessly pulled together look. Clients appreciate her ability to understand and interpret their creative vision yet stay true to her personal aesthetic.

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