My Story

IMG_3849 Tannya Bernadette

In this blog you’ll find everything I find beautiful, innovative, and important to me. I want to continue inspiring others to look and feel their best everyday. This is where all my ideas spill out and my creative self gets to work. You get the behind the scenes of my life as a stylist and what runs through my mind as I see new trends, experience new life changes, and discover clothing lines I think everyone should know about.

From the moment I discovered my aunt’s wardrobe, my hobbies and life changed forever. I went from soccer tomboy to a little fashionista, fashion helped me find my voice and build my confidence. I was taken into a whole new dimension, collecting sassy heels, finding the best fashion pieces I could get my hands on, and showing off my feminine latina side in colorful attire. 

In 2009, I opened the doors to my personal styling business, Tannya Bernadette- Closet Planner + Personal Shopper. It has been the most wild adventure, everyday there is a new project, a new client to help, and a life to change. I’ve had the opportunity to partner up with company’s such as Three Step Dating, Ann Taylor LOFT, Q13 News, and many others.



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